Aaron TUrner and Drysdale Cheese

With an expansive coastline and farms delivering fresh produce, the Bellarine Peninsula is a thriving hub for cafes and restaurants looking to show off everything the area has to offer.

Chefs from around the world come visit to hunt down one of Victoria’s best-kept secrets, and your tastebuds will surely tingle when you discover all the deliciousness that awaits you.

More and more chefs and restaurants are discovering this treasure trove of local food at their disposal and are utilising the opportunity with gusto.

Award-winning Geelong chef, Aaron Turner has made the discovery and embraced it wholeheartedly into his business plan for new restaurant IGNI, becoming an expert in the Bellarine Peninsula’s offerings.

A favourite of Aaron’s is Drysdale Cheeses situated along Portarlington Road, which is famous for their delicious goat’s cheese and cheese making classes.

Cashing in on farm-to-table cuisine, an emerging new trend in the restaurant industry, Aaron is just one of many chefs and restaurateurs in the Bellarine Peninsula taking advantage of all the area has to offer.

Aaron likes to frequent Drysdale Cheese regularly, hand picking the finest supplies. Igni’s ethos is to use fresh local produce, which means their menu changes daily and is based on what’s in season and the produce gathered throughout the day. Only the freshest food is served and it’s all due to what the Bellarine Peninsula offers – who wouldn’t want the freshest, most delicious produce possible?

There are many exciting opportunities in Bayview Central Curlewis for new restaurants and cafes to open up and tap into the local produce just like Aaron has. The region continues to provide an incredibly attractive place for people to live and work and it’s all waiting to be discovered.  

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The Location

Bayview Central Curlewis – is just 15 minutes from the Geelong CBD and 80 minutes to central Melbourne.